#WSS30DaysOfTravel - Travel Tips Vol. 2


Have you been following along with my #WSS30DaysOfTravel series on Instagram? In case you've missed any, here are all the travel tips from this week!

1. Grab the hotel's shower cap to put your shoes in so they don't dirty anything in your suitcase.

2. Always, always always pack a pen. I'm always the one whose pen is traveling halfway around the airplane as people fill out their customs cards.

3. Forgot to pack your charger? Plug your cable into the USB port on your hotel room's TV! Also, the front desk of major hotel chains usually have common chargers that they can loan you. Just to be safe, I always pack battery boosters (a mini one for a short trip, and my Photojojo Battery Buddy for anything over 48 hours).

4. Always pack fuzzy socks. Taking my shoes off and putting these on is always the first thing I do when getting onto a plane. They also act as my slippers in the hotel, and I can quickly slip them on when I have to take my shoes off to go through security.

5. Never pack a hairdryer or shampoo/conditioner. I have yet to stay at a hotel that has neither.

6. Wear shoes that are easy to slip in and out of at the airport. Nobody likes the person that holds up the security line trying to get their shoes off.



  1. Great tips! Will definitely do the shower cap on shoes trick for next time!
    And I am always loosing my pens...

    xx Gabriella

    1. And this is why I always always take the shower cap from my hotel room :)


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