#WSS30DaysOfTravel - Travel Tips Vol. 4


The final countdown is on! Only a couple more days until I take off for Hawaii, and I've been having such a fun time with this Instagram series. It continues right up until Tuesday, and here is a round up of the last couple of days:

1. Fold vs. Roll. Fold delicate items like silk, linen, and blazers. Roll everything else to save space. Use fabric hair ties to keep stubborn items rolled up!

2. Pack your belt inside the collar of a shirt. Good use of packing space, while keeping your collars crisp!

3. I've featured this beaut in a couple of these travel tips posts, so I think it deserves its own. Use a travel wallet/pouch to keep all of your essentials in one place. My This Is Ground Mod Mobile carries my passport, notebook, phone, earbuds, pen, lip balm, business cards, + currency/cards. Easy to carry around the airport, and slip in the seat pocket in flight, so everything is within reach.

4. My main motto is to bring only as much jewelry that you can wear on the plane (and look normal). However, if I need to bring an extra something something for an event or night out, then I pack it inside a clutch so it's protected and safe.

5. I love taking photos while travelling, but I also like to blend in with the locals. To avoid standing out as a tourist, invest in a great day bag which is both stylish and doesn't pinpoint you as a target. I love my Ona Bags camera bag for sightseeing.

6. I don't have an international data plan, so I always look up where things are located before leaving on a trip. I'll make little routes on Google Maps on my phone and then take screenshots. This way, my own personalized maps are saved for offline use! (And of course, I always have a good old fashioned paper map on me).


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