#WSS30DaysOfTravel - Travel Tips Vol. 5


Time to wrap up my #LLL30DaysOfTravel Instagram series! It's been so much fun sharing my best kept travel secrets with you, and thanks for adding your own variations in the comments!

1. I'm a big fan of travelling carry-on only, and to make sure I don't exceed my bag allowance, I put my tiny purse directly in my tote bag. 2 bags in 1!

2. Always have an in-flight entertainment back-up plan. You never know when the airplane's system will conk out, or if you'll have an unexpected delay. I usually have a couple magazines and a book tucked into my tote bag

3. Use a travel toothbrush holder to carry makeup brushes so the bristles don't get squished, and your makeup bag stays clean

4. Stuck on a long haul flight? Treat yourself to an in-flight facial! Trust me, your skin will thank you

5. Bringing a hat on your trip? Your best bet is to wear it on the plane (hence how I became known as Lady With Hat). If you must pack it, make sure to stuff the inside with clothing to help keep its shape! 

6. My final, but probably most important, travel tip. Keep a journal while you travel. It may seem small, or silly to some, but I've learned the most about myself as a person while I've travelled. I want to remember the experiences and the thoughts I've had while on these trips. Trust me, it's fun to look back on

Safe Travels!


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