The Weekend Edit Vol. 52


Sorry that this edition of the Weekend Edit is getting up a bit late, but we spent a full day out on the lake in the sun today. So I think I'm forgiven. :P

Let's have some real talk for a moment, shall we? Do you ever find yourself obsessing over small, insignificant details? I think blogging can really be bad for fuelling this, as we obsess over getting that Instagram shot juuuuuust right (can you move that glass a smidge to the left? Nuh uh, back to the know what I mean). Well, one of those things that I obsess over is the perfection of my planner. Yes, I'm still pretty attached to my paper planner despite this digital age, and I'm afraid to admit that I had a mini meltdown this week after an incident involving leaked salad dressing. To save you the details, basically my planner was ruined, and the pages were so stuck together and sticky that I couldn't even retrieve any data. Yeah, I had a meltdown. And I was really hung up about it until I realize, hey, this is really stupid, just get a new one. It wasn't my camera, it wasn't a pearl earring (yup, lost one of those before), it was just some paper. So I bought a new one.

In a way, it was kinda nice to be freaking out over something so silly, after the last several months of overtime, and micromanaging, and crazy workloads have finally settled, and it offered me a nice laugh in the end. We all have to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Thanks for real talk guys. Work has been crazy up until the last 2 weeks or so, and I think this tiny, insignificant things pushed me over the edge...but in a totally good way. Has that ever happened to you?

With that I'm going to jump right into some links because, with a new planner and all, I've decided to try out the Bullet Journal system. Has anyone given it a go?

Carrie's outfit has be reliving the 90s in a totally good way. I have no idea how or where I'd wear this dino print jumpsuit, but I want!

Anna's vlogs are my absolute fave, and her LA one is adorable.

Joelle rocked an all black look this week that has me thinking she just walked off the Bad Blood set with ma gurl Taylor Swift.

Our Canadian dollar is awful right now, so contrary to my usual MO, I probably won't be doing any shopping while in the US next week...except perhaps a few naughty Sephora purchases. I've got my eye on the new Marc Jacobs Primer, and the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

And finally, to leave on a positive note, Gabriella has perfectly summed up one of the many reasons why I love blogging.

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What have you been up to this weekend?



  1. TOTALLY been there before Kris - definitely one of the negative side effects of the blogging/instagram world when you focus so much on the small things that they become easily confused with the big things. Glad that you shared your experience with us - and got yourself a new planner in the process!
    La Petite Noob

    1. Thanks Joelle!! I'm usually a big picture kind of person, so in the end, I had a good laugh at myself haha

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  3. This hits way too close to home. I was always the girl that would tear the pages out of her notebook and reformat them after a lecture, if the spacing was off or the handwriting was too messy. It took YEARS before I finally realized that it doesn't matter if my notes look perfect as long as I'm LEARNING from them. You'd think it would be common sense, right? Wrong. And now with social media putting everything on display, it's so much worse sometimes. Yikes.
    Randi with an i

    1. Tell me about it! I used to be so meticulous with my notes as well. Now, after working in a hospital for 4 years, the doctors are wearing off on me because my handwriting looks awful! Haha

  4. I've been doing the Bullet Journal method for over a year and a half now. I love it. It's tidy, I feel more organized and productive. I think I'll do it for a long time. The only thing I would say is that it's better for tracking current day-to-day tasks than planning far in advance, since you only are doing one month at a time. I like to have a weekly view for work stuff so I use a different planner for that, but for personal planning, I use the Bullet Journal.

    I hear you on the obsessing over details bit! We all have our moments and it's good when we can laugh it off. (And get a new planner out of it!)

    1. Glad to hear someone else loves the Bullet Journal! I've been quite diligent with my "future log" to try to keep up with planning ahead, so we'll see how it goes. I also love how I can insert all my random lists as I go :)


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