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Fall. My favourite season. Cool mornings, warm days, layers, pumpkin everything, fallen leaves, blanket scarves, September Issues, Fashion Week and Fall fashion! The little mood board I put together this season highlights some of my favourite trends for both fashion and beauty.


Dusty pink: one of my fave finds from my travels so far was this leather jacket I picked up for a steal at the Gap while in SF (my 1st leather jacket!). Loving this colour as a great transitional colour for getting into cooler weather.

Maroon: I've always been a big fan of maroon, but never really owned much until a couple of weeks ago. It's like a neutral...but a colour...but a neutral. Hey, makes sense in my head!

70s plaid: I'm having a really hard time getting on board with the 70s trend. 70s plaid? Now that I can on board with.

Structured bag: Mini bags were the it bag for the last couple of seasons, but larger, structured bags are back in style!

Multi-strap Mary Janes: Saw these heels and immediately had to have them! Fancy, multi-strapped Mary Janes, both heeled and flat, are totally in.

Mod: While the 70s are currently really hot, mod is still going strong. As a short gal, I love being able to pull off the high neckline-short hemline looks.


Braids: My hair is currently in a long lob state, and I'm going to try to maintain it at this length because braided hairstyles are something I've missed so much!

Ombre lip: We saw a glimpse of this trend start during the summer, and it's going into fall with a slightly darker tone to it.

Bold brows: I've been on a real minimal brow look lately, but looking forward to getting my bold brow game back on.

Copper and maroon nails: definitely the 2 hottest nail trends of the season.

What trends are you most excited for? I'd love to hear! Let me know in the comments below.


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