The Weekend Edit Vol. 54


Where has the time gone?!? We're already in September!! The last two weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind, complete with moments of stress, success, late nights at the office, a busy social life (went to the launch of a great new burger place in the hood), a 24 hour business trip to Calgary, an accomplishment on an international level, and a mini mental breakdown in my boss' office over my workload. Phew. It's done, moving forward.

It feels like summer is coming to end with this final long weekend. Thankfully we have fantastic weather for it here in Montreal...although I wouldn't even think of spending it in Montreal so I'm out at the cottage until I absolutely have to leave. Labour Day weekend always feels like the final days of summer, even though the official beginning of Fall is still a couple weeks away. So I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! And in case you want something to wind down with after a long day in the sun (in addition to your glass of wine), check out these links I've rounded up:

Karlie Kloss is seriously one of my heroes...but when I heard she was launching her own YouTube channel I was somewhat skeptical. I was worried that it would be too professionally edited. Instead, it lets her personality shine, and we get some awesome behind the scenes looks at her life. This video she did giving two young girls their chance to be Angels was just the cherry on top.

I'm very unsure as to what I want to do with my hair at the moment. It's currently in a lob-like stage, but I don't know if I should cut or let it grow. Loving the lived in look of these styles, but still can't make up my mind. Suggestions?

Loving these tips for hosting brunch on a budget, featuring my two favourite Vancouver bloggers! Mimosa bar? Yes please!

These Instagram rules are hilarious...and also slightly true. Whoops!

And in case you missed anything over on Love. Loft. Life. this week, I feature what will probably be my final summer #ootds

What are you up to this weekend? 


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