The Weekend Edit Vol. 58


I hope it's a wonderful fall day where you are...because it's cold and rainy here :(. I guess it's a great excuse to build a fire and snuggle up with a great book (on the last few chapters of The Martian!).

The next couple of weeks are going to be somewhat of a whirlwind, so guess what, I've started to work on Christmas shopping. Yup! Crazy huh? But between house sitting for my folks, a business trip to Tampa, and then a work retreat up north, we'll already be mid-November and it will be time to start making truffles and Christmas cookies before I jet off to an annual conference early December. Yikes! Good thing I got my new passport in the mail this week!

If you're stuck in some gloomy weather like me, check out these reads:

A list of 10 unusual beaches to visit. I've only ever been to #1, so I still have a lot to get to!

I'm a sucker for capsule wardrobes, and I really loved this Month of Outfits feature from Goop!

A round up of the Top 5 tinted moisturizers. Is your favourite on there? My beloved (but alas, pricey) Chantecaille Just Skin is, but where's Glossier Skin Tint?!?

If Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift's entire 1989 album wasn't amazing enough, then he interviewed her!

Grace Atwood is definitely one of my Instagram role models, and she did a great piece on her Instagram tips.

What are your plans this weekend?


#Brownmance! - Nudestix Brow Products


If you're a regular around these parts, you can probably tell by now that my love for Nudestix runs deep (see here and here). They're a fantastic brand, whose line is all about being easy and simple. Lucky for this jet-setting gal, as I'm always looking for innovative products to travel with. So when I found out that they were [finally!] releasing some brow products, saying I was excited is an understatement.With bold brows being in this season, this release couldn't have come at a more opportune time!

I've struggled with my brows for a couple of years now, and filling them in is the one thing I just can't leave the house without doing. While I dream of having Cara Delevigne brows, mine are sparse and appear barely there (although thankfully not too thin). So the first thing I noticed about the Nudestix Brow Stylus is that it's that the nib is the perfect size: not to small, but not so big that it overpower the size of my brows. It's extremely pigmented, has a great consistency, and the gel at the other end is a great bonus!

As for the Brow Wax, while it was a strange feeling to get used to at first, this clear setting wax is really great for getting your brows to stay in place! I prefer to use this over one of my other brow products (like my beloved Armani Brow Maestro!), so that the color does not budge all day.

If you're already a massive fan of Nudestix, then you definitely have to check out these new offerings, as they nicely round out their current line-up. And if you're a jetsetter like me, then these are a must for your travel arsenal!

Are you into bold brows this season? What's your favourite brow product?


*Brow Stylus & Brow Wax sent to me courtesy of Nudestix. All opinions are 100% my own, and I would never endorse a product I didn't truly love.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 57


Happy weekend! Anybody else in the North afraid to go outside with the recent dip in temp? Seriously, what happened to the weather? The change was drastic!

I'm spending this [crisp] weekend in Toronto visiting my sister. Not going to lie, I'm super jealous of her awesome pad and it's location. Yesterday we hit up the ROM, some shops on Bloor, and my fave, WVRST, for supper and the Jays game. I also cooked her an entire lasagna to eat through this week, because let's face it, otherwise she might starve! I also made her and her roommate Gabriella's Coconut Cupcakes that are absolutely out of this world amazing (try them! They're super easy to make)! And today's plans consist of bundling up and braving the cold for blogger's day out with Joelle! YAY!

As much as I love all of my work travel to new places, it's a nice change to be able to take a quick weekend away to a city I love and know so well. Call me unadventurous for always hitting up the same places every time I'm here, but hey, they're favourites for a very good reason! (did I mention WVRST?)

Cozying it on up inside today? I rounded up some interesting links for you:

Loved this piece on 23 things I wish I knew at 23 by Hillary Kerr. Number 2 is so so true.

I never knew this was an actual theory, but now that it has a name, I'm a bit fan of the "Buy It For Life" Theory.

Cute DIY to spruce up a basic clutch! Love these super simple, quick DIYs.

I'm a big fan of Diane Kruger and her timeless look. You too? Then check out this beautiful piece on her.

From the amazing ladies over at A Beautiful Mess, 20 Halloween costume ideas. I so want to be a pineapple!

And one final one from ABM, this fall-inspired cocktail looks delish!

What are you up to this weekend?


Review - Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation + Under(cover) Primer


Recently, I've had a love hate relationship with foundation. While I've always been a fan of fuller coverage foundations, because of my uneven skin tone and acne scarring, I've never really liked the way they sat on my skin. I used the Hourglass Immaculate Foundation for aaaaages, but still found it somewhat heavy (it's still me go to for a more glam event though). I then fell in love with the Armani Maestro foundation due to lightweight feel, but ability to layer. But more recently, my skin has been loving super light bases, like my beloved Glossier Skin Tint.

When I heard about the new Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation concentrate, I knew I'd have to try it out, because it sounded like the best of both worlds: Lightweight + full coverage. I think I may have found my holy grail foundation!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 56


This edition of the Weekend Edit is coming to you a day late...why? Because technically it's still my weekend! I'd like to wish my Canadian friends a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and hope you've eaten your weight in pie and turkey (I know I have!). I've spent the weekend out at the cottage with my folks, and my sister, who came home for the long weekend. We had our traditional hike to the top of the mountain, I've been baking up a storm, and there's been a fire in the fireplace every night.

What am I thankful for? Lots a of things, but to name a few: my family and friends who love me, my amazing job that lets me make a difference in the lives of others and brings me all over the world, having a space to call my own, and for all of the amazing people I've met through this space! (shout out to Joelle, Gabriella, Jasmin, and Randi!)

I'm going to go make myself another steaming cup of tea (although the weather is fab today), and dive into a new book. Check out these links if you're lazing around today as well!

I have very oily hair (this was very true), and I found this article on "training" your hair for less washes interesting.

Have you seen Taylor Swift on her tour? Take the quiz to find out which 1989 tour outfit you are. Cheesy, I know...but hey, I got the Shake It Off party dress! haha

Anna has me hooked on facial massage. It's weird...but amazing...but weird...but awesome. Try it!

I never really understood the Missed Connections section of CraigsList...but this one has gone viral over the pas couple of weeks! People are speculating its authenticity. Frankly, I don't care and enjoyed it for what it was: a beautiful piece of writing.

Can someone please lend me their child for Halloween? This is the BEST costume I'v ever seen! (on a side note, if you haven't seen The Martian yet, get your butt to the cinema ASAP! Best movie I've seen all year).

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fall - Face Of The Day


I'll be the first to admit it, I get very lazy with my makeup routine during the summer months. My main goal is to make sure it all stays on my face in the humidity. So when the cooler weather starts to roll in, I'm ready to embrace a little extra oomph in my look. Maroon + copper is a super hot color duo right now, framed with some bold brows. Here's my interpretation of these trends!

Fall - Wardrobe Edit


There are so many amazing trends this Fall, it was really hard to choose which ones I wanted to add into my wardrobe. It's also a delicate balance between purchasing too many trendy pieces vs. classic pieces that wont go out of style. In the end, I decided to add mostly classic cuts, which lots of maroon, some gorgeous strappy shoes (I think I went slightly overboard on the shoes this season), and a small homage to the 70s.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 55


Where in the world has Kristiana been? The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of overtime, business trips, and a nasty cold, which resulted in me being a little MIA around these parts.

I was having a wonderful business trip in Boston (where I was eating my weight in seafood), until I woke up the next morning stuffy, cold, and knowing I was running a fever. I managed to make it through the day with the help of my good friend DayQuil and a hot bath, but still wasn't feeling so hot by the time we flew home. Leaving the next day for a business trip to Ottawa did not help either.

Fast forward to mid-week this week, and I was finally feeling better. Longest. Cold. Ever. Needless to say that September came and went in a blink of an eye, and we're now chugging ahead into October. While I enjoy my travel, I'm kind of glad to not have any business trips planned for October as it will give me some time to recoup, renew my passport, and enjoy our fall weather.

So I've been taking it easy this weekend with copious amounts of hot tea. In case you're staying in as well, here are some fun links to check out:

I travel alone and lot for work, and R29 has some great tips for traveling solo.

A makeup artists tips for looking amazing in under 10 minutes. I need this.

Anyone else excited to check out H&M's beauty line? Here is a first look that has me wanting to try out the lipsticks!

I'm a sucker for those "100 years of __" videos, and here is one on wedding dresses.

This gal has limited styling options with her shorter hair, but in case you've got longer locks, check out a round up of all of Joelle's awesome hair tutorials!

It seems like fall is the season to experiment with capsule wardrobes, and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup is giving a capsule wardrobe a go. Can't wait to follow her progress!

What have you been up to lately? Any fun plans this weekend?


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