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If you're a regular around these parts, you can probably tell by now that my love for Nudestix runs deep (see here and here). They're a fantastic brand, whose line is all about being easy and simple. Lucky for this jet-setting gal, as I'm always looking for innovative products to travel with. So when I found out that they were [finally!] releasing some brow products, saying I was excited is an understatement.With bold brows being in this season, this release couldn't have come at a more opportune time!

I've struggled with my brows for a couple of years now, and filling them in is the one thing I just can't leave the house without doing. While I dream of having Cara Delevigne brows, mine are sparse and appear barely there (although thankfully not too thin). So the first thing I noticed about the Nudestix Brow Stylus is that it's that the nib is the perfect size: not to small, but not so big that it overpower the size of my brows. It's extremely pigmented, has a great consistency, and the gel at the other end is a great bonus!

As for the Brow Wax, while it was a strange feeling to get used to at first, this clear setting wax is really great for getting your brows to stay in place! I prefer to use this over one of my other brow products (like my beloved Armani Brow Maestro!), so that the color does not budge all day.

If you're already a massive fan of Nudestix, then you definitely have to check out these new offerings, as they nicely round out their current line-up. And if you're a jetsetter like me, then these are a must for your travel arsenal!

Are you into bold brows this season? What's your favourite brow product?


*Brow Stylus & Brow Wax sent to me courtesy of Nudestix. All opinions are 100% my own, and I would never endorse a product I didn't truly love.

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