The Weekend Edit Vol. 58


I hope it's a wonderful fall day where you are...because it's cold and rainy here :(. I guess it's a great excuse to build a fire and snuggle up with a great book (on the last few chapters of The Martian!).

The next couple of weeks are going to be somewhat of a whirlwind, so guess what, I've started to work on Christmas shopping. Yup! Crazy huh? But between house sitting for my folks, a business trip to Tampa, and then a work retreat up north, we'll already be mid-November and it will be time to start making truffles and Christmas cookies before I jet off to an annual conference early December. Yikes! Good thing I got my new passport in the mail this week!

If you're stuck in some gloomy weather like me, check out these reads:

A list of 10 unusual beaches to visit. I've only ever been to #1, so I still have a lot to get to!

I'm a sucker for capsule wardrobes, and I really loved this Month of Outfits feature from Goop!

A round up of the Top 5 tinted moisturizers. Is your favourite on there? My beloved (but alas, pricey) Chantecaille Just Skin is, but where's Glossier Skin Tint?!?

If Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift's entire 1989 album wasn't amazing enough, then he interviewed her!

Grace Atwood is definitely one of my Instagram role models, and she did a great piece on her Instagram tips.

What are your plans this weekend?



  1. I'm refusing to acknowledge Christmas, though I'm sure in December I will probably panic buy everything! I've been ill this weekend so actually had a whole weekend inside on the couch, this hasn't happened for years! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I hate the panic buying, mostly because I hate the crowds. I prefer to be inside baking as well get close to Christmas :)

  2. I can't believe how we prepare for Christmas earlier and earlier each year now! In fact I started Christmas decorations shopping myself as well :) It's just so hard to not to buy them when you get all these emails with pretty sparkling things everywhere!

    Closet de Jules || Recent Post - Mixmatching Patterns

    1. Right! But I don't think getting into the Christmas cheer early is entirely a bad thing ;)

  3. I absolutely cannot believe it's already almost Christmas. My new winter parka came in the mail today, and even though it's only October, I'm already panicking! I guess my weekend plans now involve Christmas shopping, hah!

    Randi with an i

    1. I always try to get my Christmas shopping done early :). More time for baking when the holidays actually set in


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