The Weekend Edit Vol. 60


Happy Sunday! What has everyone been up to this weekend? Anyone else in full on holiday mode? I am! I'm about halfway through Christmas shopping, and have my 1st holiday party coming up this week. And if you follow me on Snapchat (kristianasalmon), you'll know that I started baking my epic cake today. Yup, 4 days before the party. It's insanely good, and so worth it.

This weekend has been otherwise uneventful. It's the first weekend in a while that I've spent at my place, and not at the cottage, so I did some much needed tidying up. I also put up my couple of Christmas decorations and worked on some DIY gifts with my mum :). I've mostly managed to avoid any Black Friday shopping madness, as everything I wanted to get in the sales, I got pre-access codes (pretty awesome being loyal to certain brands). I did do some damage in the Aritzia sale though...and picked up yet another colour of my beloved Teigen dress.

Well, I'm off to run some errands before seeing a movie with my dad (less than a month until the Star Wars movie! Eeeeek! We're having our marathon next weekend!). Here are some fun links I've gathered up over the week:

There were a couple of months this year where I almost made a move to SF, so I found this article about the difference between SF and NYC funny. It seems like SF is way more up my alley than NYC (although both have limited closet space. boo.).

The truth behind Instagram photos. Yup! So true!

Legroom across various airlines. Maybe this is why I hate United so much.

8 cult beauty products, and thoughts on each. Now I have to refrain from picking some of these up!

If Mean Girls were set in 2015. *insert tears of joy emoji*

Anyone else watch Adele Live In London? I'm totally crushing over her new album. And the fact that she dressed up as herself/Jenny to trick impersonators was priceless!

And in case you missed it, I posted 3 holiday gift guides this week. Check them out here, here, and here.


Holiday 2015 - Stocking Stuffers


My final gift guide is here, and this one is all about the stocking stuffers! Happy shopping!!

Holiday 2015 - Gift Guide for the Traveller


I'm back with my second gift guide today, and this one is all about the traveller in your life! Check it out!

Holiday 2015 - Gift Guide for the Gal Who Has It All


Can anyone else believe that we're already more than halfway through November?!? Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us! While holiday posts pre-December may seem somewhat early, I wanted to get some gift guides out this week before Black Friday hits (in case you wanted to take advantage of some sales!). This gift guide has some ideas for the girl who has everything, and are some nice ideas just in general. Keep reading for all the details!

OOTD - A little bit 70s


What are your feelings on the 70s? I think the 60s may be more my thing (Sean Connery as James Bond, Jaguar E Types, The Beatles!), but I'm trying to embrace the current 70s fashion trend, even if just in a small way. While this dress may not scream 70s, add a floppy hat and some coppery eyeshadow, and we're about as close to the 70s as I'm going to get! Keep reading for more photos and outfit details.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 59


Hey there! Coming to you today from the comfort of my couch, which is a very nice feeling after the day I had yesterday. Ever show up to the airport for your flight, only to be told by the airline that they have you scheduled for tomorrow? Yet your itinerary says today? No? Well that's what happened to me yesterday! After much stressful waiting while the airline attendants worked some magic, they managed to get me out on yesterdays flight. I treated myself to a manicure during my layover after the ordeal (gotta say, the airport manicures aren't that bad!), and was very glad to sleep in my own bed last night.

All that aside, luckily I get over travel mishaps fairly easily (except perhaps the forever lost luggage of 2007 ordeal...that one still hurts), and have happy memories of my most recent business trip. Being at my current job for 4 years, this was my first time going to this particular conference and it was definitely one of the best ones ever. Hopping from pool to meetings to beach to work dinners (on the beach!) was pretty amazing, and although it was work I treated it somewhat like a well deserved mini vacation as well. Can't wait to be back at the Sandpearl Resort next year!

I'm going to get back to avoiding my laundry and unpacking, and if you're looking for a distraction as well, check out these links:

What beauty editors keep close at hand on their bedside tables.

If Snapchat existed in the 90s. This is hilarious!

As we head into winter here in Canada, I'm thinking of Spring trends! I'm excited for stripes (duh!), pyjama-inspired looks (yes!), and a new romantic vibe. What about you?

According to Hello Giggles, I used to be an extreme commuter. So grateful for my 20 minute public transit commute now.

Graphs about being an adult. Yup, pretty accurate!

Totally lusting over this adorable camera-shaped clutch from Kate Spade! Anyone looking for a Christmas gift idea for me? hehe

Happy weekend!

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