Holiday 2015 - Gift Guide for the Traveller


I'm back with my second gift guide today, and this one is all about the traveller in your life! Check it out!

1. Weekender bag: Everyone needs a great weekender bag, and I love the options from Cuyana, Everlane, and Lo & Sons.

2. Sleep mask: A great staple for travel. I use mine on the plane to get some Zzzzs before landing, or to blacken out a not-so-dark hotel room.

3. This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit: Have I mentioned that I love This Is Ground products? This Tech Dopp Kit comes in 3 different sizes, and can be used for more than just tech. (Want to get someone a gift from TIG this holiday season? Use this link for $10 off)

4. Travel Guide: Is your friend already for stocked for travel? Get them a travel guide for their next trip! I love the Wallpaper Guides, and they're nice to put on the bookshelf when you come home.

5. Battery Buddy: Great for recharging on a long flight, or just on the go!

6. Travel toiletries: I bought this kit last holiday season for myself, and some of the products are either still going strong, or I purchased them in full size. A great way to try new products, and this kit also has everything you need for travel. A great set for gifting!

7. TSA-approved liquids bag: Ditch the ziplock bag and gift a stylish, functional, and sturdy TSA-approved toiletry bag!

8. Laundress travel kit: I'm a big fan of packing carry-on only, which means extending my wardrobe by keeping it fresh! I love this travel set from the Laundress to de-crease and spot clean.

Any other great ideas for the traveller? Tell me in the comments below! And in case you missed it, find my first gift guide here.


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