Holiday 2015 - Gift Guides For The Hostess


Giving gifts is one of my favourite parts of the holidays. I love the process of curating the perfect gift for each person on my list, no matter how big or small. For the longest time, I used to make a lot of homemade gifts. The process of making something during the holidays was so rewarding. Today, I still enjoy making gifts, and I think DIY gifts are a great option for the hostess. These 3 DIY gifts are super simple, and a great treat to bring to your holiday parties this year.

Gift 1: DIY Room Scent

Room scents are so easy to make! For this holiday-inspired scent, slice up 1 orange and put into a mason jar. Add in 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 star anise, and several cloves. Fill the jar with water, and add a dash of vanilla extract. To use, simply add to a pot, add 2 jarfuls of water, and bring to a simmer. These quickly fill the entire room, and you can keep it going for hours as long as you check your water level regularly (don't let it boil dry!). With water in the jar, these are good in the fridge for about a week.

Gift 2: Homemade Salted Caramel

Bring 1 cup of sugar and 8 tbsp of water to a boil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Boil until amber in colour. Remove from the heat, and add 2/3 cup of cream and 4 tbsp of butter. Careful! This will boil up quite a bit. Keep stirring until smooth, and add 1 tsp of sea salt. The salted caramel will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks.

Gift 3: DIY Mulled Wine Kit

Spruce up the gift of a bottle of wine, by gifting a mulled wine kit along with it! If you're looking for a great recipe, check out Joelle's! Just add your orange slices, peel, cinnamon, anise, and cloves to a jar and bring it a long with a bottle of red wine.

Do you have any other DIY gift ideas? I'm always looking for great ideas. Leave me a comment below!



  1. These are all such cute ideas! I have a similar one that will be posted next week on my blog, but it's basically ginger chocolate chip cookie mix in a mason jar. It's so cute, and I've had people react positively when I gave them out in person.

    Something About That

  2. The post is so great! Have a nice day:)

  3. I love these ideas! I always bring a bottle of wine when I'm invited to a holiday party, so the mulled wine kit is an absolutely brilliant idea! Also- the salted caramel sauce makes a great macaron filling, if you ever feel like giving that a try. These are all so cute!

    Randi with an i

    1. Thanks Randi!! I definitely have to give macarons another go. They are soooo delicious, but so time consuming!


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