Nudestix Skin Glossing Pencil - Get The Dew!


During the colder months, I'm all about a moody lip, flawless skin, and matte, smokey shadow. But come summer? I'm all about that glowy, dewy, fresh look. Fresh off the beach and headed straight to the bar for a drink. You know the look. Well, Nudestix is making getting that dew easy this summer with their Skin Glossing Pencil. Check it out!

Highlighting. Strobing. Glossing. Whatever term you want to use, dewy skin is really having a moment right now. But I've struggled with finding a product that isn't full of glitter or sticky like the coveted Make Face Gloss. Skin Glossing Pencil sits in a happy middle ground of being just tacky enough to give off that high gloss look, but is a subtle champagne colour that doesn't scream chunky glitter.

It blends so naturally into skin, and I like to swipe it across my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and cupid's bow. It's also great for using on eyelids to get that editorial, wet look.

The Skin Glossing Pencil has become a part of my every day routine as of late, and combined with Glossier Skin Tint, Nudestix Brow Pencil and Gel Lip Color in Rebel, they make a simple, summer look.

More love for Nudestix here, here, and here.

Are you into the strobing trend that's so hot right now? What are your favourite products for achieving the look?


*This product was kindly provided by Nudestix. All opinions are 100% my own, and I would only endorse a product I truly love. Nudestix is a fantastic, Canadian homegrown brand, and I love all of their products!

New in at Glossier - Flavored Balm Dotcom & Haloscope


If I could work in any other field of work, I've got it entirely narrowed down to working in Glossier HQ. I know, very precise. Doing anything really, but their marketing campaigns are really what gets me every time. For their two most recent releases, they were on opposite ends of the spectrum from the highly curated and hype-building Flavored Balm Dotcoms, to the no-warning drop of Haloscope. Marketing on point! I've had the Balm Dotcoms for a while now, and have been playing around with Haloscope for the last 2 weeks or so. My thoughts below!

Glossier's original Balm Dotcom is a staple in my purse, bathroom, and office. It's the perfect no fuss, stay-put balm for lips, and also cuticles and extremely dry patches. I missed out on Coconut last summer, but picked it up this round, along with Rose, Cherry and Mint as a trio. And I love them all!

My favourite amongst the four is definitely Rose. It's got an ever so subtle tint, and the smell is divine! Coconut comes in at a close 2nd, with both Cherry and Mint having great formulas (but I just like Rose and Coconut the most).

Haloscope is the product taking full advantage of the current dewy, glowy, strobing trend. And it's a fab product at that! It's not glittery, but rather shimmery in a subtle way. And thanks to the oil core, there's no dryness, yet it doesn't melt off my face mid-day either.

In other news, both Stretch Concealer and Generation G are back in stock!!! Check out my full review on the Phase 2 set here (and more Glossier reviews here). I'm definitely going to be picking up more shades of Generation G stat!

And if you want 20% off your first order, use this link here.


The Weekend Edit Vol. 70


Well what a miserable weekend it's been! Yesterday was an absolute deluge, and it isn't much brighter today. Rainy weekends definitely call for staying indoors, binge watching TV shows on Netflix (now that Game of Thrones has departed us for what will feel like forever, I'm back on House of Cards!), and catching up on my to-do list. Oh and staying in pyjamas for as long as possible ;). What are your favourite things to do on a rainy weekend?

I'm also happy to finally share a little side project of mine: The @WillTravelForPhotography instagram account! I wanted to create an account dedicated to travel photography, for myself and fellow travellers to share their photos, stories, and recommendations. Check it out & give it a follow!

And speaking of travel, my fall is shaping up to be quite hectic! It's funny how there seems to be nothing for stretches, and then bam! All my work meetings appear at once. Bookended between a family cruise out of Miami and our annual trip to Hawaii will be meetings in Miami, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco! Finally going to get some use out of my Nexus card!

Here are some links to check out on this rainy Sunday:

A history of red lipstick.

Things to bring to make any airplane seat feel like first class!

Books being made into movies this year. Really excited for Girl On The Train and The Light Between Oceans. I've also added some new books to my ever growing list I want to read.

A great article on this season of Game of Thrones. The withdrawal is a struggle.

Some great workouts you can do at him in a small space.


Facial Sunscreens: The best options for both summer & travel


Whether you're planning on relaxing by your own pool, spending weekends on the lake, or taking your summer vacation in a tropical destination, sun safety is important regardless of the location. I broke down some essential sun safety tips last summer, and today I wanted to share my favourite facial sunscreens for both spending time outdoors in the summer & for travel!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 69


Happy Sunday! Notice anything different around these parts? I re-branded my blog! Welcome to Window Seat Style!

To be quite honest, I've been in a bit of a blogging slump for the last couple of months. Work was insanely busy (but good busy), my dad has major surgery, and life just kind of got in the way. By the time the weekends rolled around, I couldn't even be bothered with editing some photos. But you know what? I really missed blogging. I've kept up with Instagram pretty well, but I missed the creative process of creating content for this space. I thought about it a lot, and after 2 years of blogging, I think I've really focused in on what I want to share on this slice of the internet, which are my greatest passions: Travel, fashion , and photography!

So while re-branding was scary, and the internet is chock full of the "Go ahead!" and "DON'T DO IT!" camps, my following is very small, it didn't seem that difficult to transfer over to a new domain name, and I wanted to take this space in a direction that was! Everything seems to be working correctly for the moment, although I still haven't quite gotten my previous domain name to forward to the new one...does anyone know how to do that? If so, please email me :P

So thank you to this wonderful community for sticking with me! I'm not sure all of you realize how important this creative space is for me. I don't blog full time, and don't intend to, but rather I work full time with patients who have ALS. I absolutely love my job, but it can be very emotionally draining, and I am so grateful to have a space to escape to and be creative in.

So with that, I leave you with some links to check out! But get out there and enjoy the wonderful summer weather!

Both the fashion and photography worlds lost a legend yesterday as Bill Cunningham passed away.

I think I'm going to have to add all of these magical places to my travel bucket list.

The secret behind Kate Middleton's flawless legs.

Need to inject a little oomph into your wardrobe? Check out these questions a stylist would ask you to get you started!

The perfect iced vanilla coffee recipe. Looks soooo good!

A fantastic editorial piece on the war on doctors in Syria. Both awful and fascinating at the same time.

Happy Weekend!


The Weekend Edit Vol. 68


Happy Weekend! And to my fellow Canadians, I hope you're enjoying the long weekend! I'm just going to consider this my unofficial kick off to summer, ok? Because it's absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully I can get a wee bit of colour this weekend too, because when I went to the spa last weekend, those pasty legs in the water of the hot tub were rather glaring.

I've missed this space the last several weeks. as work has been absolutely insane. I'm not one to shy away from a challenge and new responsibility, but planning a conference has been the most challenging thing I've done to date. Dietary restrictions, last minute speaker dropping out, hotel payment not going through, triple checking spelling for name tags, and not to mention having to prepare my own content for the event. It's been rough. But we kick things off with our welcome cocktail this Wednesday, and hopefully things will be smooth sailing until we close the sessions on Friday, and I plan to hit the town immediately after!

I'm very much looking forward to my vacation immediately after, and if you have any suggestions for my trip to Newfoundland, leave them in the comments below! I've been obsessed with Iceberg Finder!

While I hope you're enjoying this weekend to it's max, I've rounded up some fun links below in case the weather is less than ideal:

The introvert inside me loved this article on how staying in is the new going out. And another great article on introverts here.

I've been reading Joy the Baker for years now, and she always manages to dish up some of the best recipes in my blog feed. This post on all of the kitchens she's lived in was amazing.

I know the Met Gala was weeks ago by now, but I still can't get over Claire Danes' dress!

Why we should stop saying "I feel like..."

A great summer reading list of breakout authors. So many I want to read! I already have The Nest lined up.

On a similar note, all of this summer's movies! Can't wait for X-Men & The Nice Guys. Will NOT go to see The Shallows (for fear of never going in the ocean again).

This is why Amy Schumer is my spirit animal.

Shocking secrets from a flight attendant.

And in case you've missed anything around Love. Loft. Life. lately:
Face mask round up // My loft tour // Small space living solutions

What are your plans this weekend? Anyone else feel like summer has finally kicked into gear?


#MaskForce - Face Masks For Every Occasion


Face masks are having a real moment right now in the skincare world, and they're one of my favourite ways to relax and pamper myself at home! There is a face mask for literally every skin concern, and they're a great addition to any skincare regimen. Personally, I love to hoard those little foil sample packs of face masks for when I travel, and I've discovered some of my favourites that way! I never say no to a Sephora 100 point perk that's a masks. Today, I've rounded up some of my all-time faves for you, so keep reading!

Small Space Solutions


Living in 502 square feet of space is no easy feet, but I was definitely up to the challenge when I purchased my loft 3 years ago! My parents still like to say that I live in a shoebox, but my place is home to me. Earlier this week, I shared my home tour with you all, and today I'm sharing some of my favourite small space solutions that have helped make my place feel like home.

The Loft: My Home Tour


Today's post is probably well overdue, considering my loft is behind the name of my blog! I had decided I would start blogging when I purchased my loft just outside of downtown Montreal, as a way to document the process. I knew I wanted to DIY a lot of the interior, and I was really into "home blogs" at the time (understandable since that is the phase I was going through!). So I purchased my domain name, moved in, and then did absolutely nothing. I guess talking about rearranging furniture wasn't really inspiring me. Long story short: I didn't end up blogging about my loft at all (save for the occasional DIY post here and there), but after 3 years in this space, never has it felt more like home.

So after being featured as an Apartment Therapy House Call this past weekend, I wanted to share my space with all of you as well! I'm also nominated for one of this year's Small Cool spaces in the International category, so make sure you go give my space some love!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 67


Another Sunday, and just like that we're at the end of April...Where has the time gone?!? For once I'm not complaining about it being Sunday, and the end of the weekend/back to work tomorrow, because tonight marks the return of Game of Thrones! Anyone else stoked?

This week looks pretty uneventful so far, but I'm off on my first trip/business trip of the year next week, so I do have that to look forward to :).

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and here are a couple of links to check out:

Tracking down the saddest sounding places on Google come so many seem to be in Canada??

Alex from To Vogue Or Bust has some great tips on posing for outfit photos!

Loving this NYC studio apartment makeover. Small space makeovers are my favourite because you often have to be so creative.

While I'm not the biggest fan of her new hair, loved Taylor's 73 questions with Vogue.

The most googled makeup questions answered!

And in case you've missed any recent posts here on Love. Loft. Life.:
Glossier Phase 2 // This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 4 Ways // Morning Skincare // Evening Skincare


[Updated] Evening Skincare Routine


Since I shared my updated morning skincare routine earlier this week, I figured I'd also share my updated evening routine as well! There are two new stars in this line up, so keep reading below!

[Updated] Morning Skincare Routine


Around this time last year, I shared both my skin story and my morning and evening skincare routines with you. While the majority of my routine has stayed the same, I've added in some pretty fab products over the last year that I definitely wanted to share with you! So keep reading for my updated morning skincare routine.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 66


Happy weekend! It's been a while since I've sat down to write a Weekend Edit post over the last couple of very busy weeks, but happy to be back at it! Between a couple of intense weeks at work, a whirlwind of impromptu interviews for some new hires, and my dad having major surgery last week (he's coming home today! Yay!), I was more than happy to have absolutely no plans for this weekend.

I don't know about where you live, but it's finally starting to feel like Spring outside here in Montreal! I'm ready to pack away my heavy winter coats, and walked to dinner last night (at my fave, Satay Brothers with my mum!) in just a lightweight bomber.  I'm very much looking forward to ditching the boots entirely. Not to mention bringing out the Spring wardrobe!

Thinking of taking a walk down to the market to pick up some fresh flowers, but if you're stuck inside today, here are some fun links to check out:

I'm very intrigued by the Goop skincare line, especially after Grace's review of the line.

The 7 most beautiful streets in America. I've only been to 1 (Painted Ladies in SF), so I have many more to go!

The best shoes for work in 2016. I'm still all about the lace up flats and loafers!

Have you seen these 98 foods cut into perfect cubes? Beautiful!

Why Friends is still the most popular show on TV. Totally agree, and it's still my go-to when I don't know what to watch, or just want some background TV. Never gets old.

And on that note, truths that Friends taught you about life in your 20s. Yes, yes, and yes!

A great read from Man Repeller on personal style.

What to wear for a 24 hour business trip. Love these tips! And I've had my eyes on that jumpsuit for a while now, but just can't justify the cost...waiting for it to go on sale!

What have you been up to this weekend? Any travel plans in the near future? I'm headed to Newfoundland in a month and a half, so if you have any tips for me, let me know!


En Route Essentials - This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit


I'm a big fan of "compartmentalizing" everything when I travel: A pouch for this, a packing cube for that, etc. So I was super excited to see the Tech Dopp Kit Mini when it was launched by This Is Ground, because I saw it as a versatile little bag that would extend beyond just tech. Keep reading to see how I've used it four different ways!

Make Good Choices: Glossier Phase 2


If you follow me on Instagram, it is no surprise that I have a deep love for the Glossier brand. The products are simple yet effective, their marketing is on point, and their mantra is the best: Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile Always. While I was really hoping that their top secret March launch was going to be International shipping (alas, it was not), I was even more excited when I found out it was the release of Phase 2...Makeup! And in true Glossier style, it's understated, simple, and perfect!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 65


Ah Sunday, both a magical day of rest and relaxation, but also a dark omen of the impending work week ahead. It's a funny feeling because you wake up feeling like you still have the entire weekend ahead of you, and then before you know it, 3pm hits and the minutes until Monday start dwindling away at an alarming rate.

The good thing? Spring definitely seems to be on its way early this year! It's been a gorgeous and sunny all weekend, and I took advantage of what is most likely the last of the ski season. Warm temps also mean that sugar shack season is kicking into full gear here in the Montreal area. If you're in Montreal, be sure to check out Chef a L'Erable at Scena. A modern sugar shack in the city, that I had the pleasure of checking out last Sunday for brunch (my thoughts coming to Julius & Valentina soon).

How have you been spending your weekend? Has the weather been equally as gorgeous in your area? In case you're stuck inside, I've rounded up a couple of links for you to check out this afternoon:

I am totally on the Alicia Vikander style train right now, and Man Repeller has run through her style for us so that we can emanate this scandinavian beauty's style too!

Also from Man Repeller, the benefits of drinking hot lemon water. I know I won't be able to give up my morning coffee, but I may try this out before I head off the work in the morning!

Im a big fan of all asian food (my bestie often says that I was probably asian in a former life), and I'm on a big bibimbap kick lately. I used this recipe and tried it myself, and it turned out great!

As a frequent carry-on only traveller, I hate to overpack. Use these tips to wash clothes in the sink so that you don't try to cram that extra top in there ;)

The top secrets of women who always look put together. Yes, yes, and yes!

Got this flowy, cropped blouse in white, and really want all of other colours now! Also, basically everything from Aritzia's spring offerings.

Happy Weekend!


Meet Matte from Nudestix!


Hey girl, meet matte, the newest launch from Nudestix! I love a good matte lip, so I was super excited to hear about the new Intense Matte Lip & Cheek Pencils from Nudestix. I’m already a big fan of their regular Lip & Cheek pencils (I have a Mystic pencil lying around pretty much everywhere. Purse, desk, travel bag, yup, everywhere), and the lovely girls over at Nudestix were kind enough to send me two shades from the new launch*. I loved them so much that I’ve bought two more shades since! Keep reading for more.

En Route Essentials - Formula X Manicure On The Go!


I have a love-hate relationship with painting my nails: I absolutely loathe doing it, but I love how it can make any outfit look a little more polished. Also, I only remember to paint my nails before a business trip, like, 10 minutes before my cab comes to pick me up. Yup, imagine me trying to take my credit card out to pay fare, with freshly painted nails. Not a pretty sight. And if I do it in advance? Murphy's Law will have it that it chips the same day and then drives me nuts. But I think I've found a solution! I came across these adorable, mini Formula X sets in Sephora one day, and they're a great solution to the on-the-go mani!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 64


Happy weekend everyone! What has everyone been up to? Anyone watching the Oscars tonight? For the first time in several years, I've seen less than half of the nominees for Best Picture. What happened? I'm a movie buff: I love the classics, have my favourite directors (Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Rian Johnson and Wes Anderson (duh!)), and have usually seen the majority of nominated films, if not all. I guess I have some catching up to do on this snowy afternoon!

In other news, today is my birthday, and for the first time in, well, forever, I have absolutely no plans. And you know what? It feels great! I'm actually looking forward to coasting through the next couple of birthdays without any milestones. It seems like it's this great frenzy of having way too much to drink at 18, to becoming an "adult" at 21 (albeit a questionable one), to hitting that quarter century milestone at 25. Today, I'm 26 and I'm feeling...happy! I don't need a big celebration or to get dressed up to the nines (case in point, totally in sweatpants right now) to turn a year older. Let me bake my own cake and spend time with friends & family. Besides, it's a Sunday, and Sundays are for sleeping in, making fancy coffee, and staying in your pyjamas all day anyways ;). Am I right?

For those of you planning on having a lazy Sunday as well, I've rounded up some pretty awesome links this weekend. Check 'em out below!

This girl let her boyfriend dress her for the week. I like the results!

DVF's #YouBeYou campaign is amazing!

Spring is [hopefully] on the way, so what better time to do a closet clean out?

Grace has some great advice on unplugging.

A list of 30 fashion staples to have by the age 30. How many do you own? I've got 19 :)

Some great tips on organizing all of those beauty samples so that you actually use them.

I love a good capsule wardrobe, and the Everygirl has some great tips for creating your own.

Adele on Ellen was basically the best thing ever. How she kept her composure chomping on that wheatgrass...You go girl!

A piece on how we should buy less, but better. I've been trying to consciously think of this every time I make a purchase now.

Downton Abbey is over :(. In honour of the great Dowager Countess, here are her greatest zingers ;)

What are you up to this weekend? Will you be watching the Academy Awards tonight?


#MilkyJelly: Glossier's dreamy new launch


To say that Glossier made the perfect cleanser is an understatement. By a long shot. It's absolutely dreamy!

I've previously shared my love for Glossier here and here, and their new cleanser, Milky Jelly, is no exception. It's been a year in the making, and is based on the hundreds of comments from Into The Gloss readers. Keep reading for my full review!

Beauty Bits Vol 9. - Some new & new-to-me discoveries


It's been a while since I've done a Beauty Bits post, so I've rounded up a few of my purchases from over the last several months to share my thoughts. A couple of these are new releases, while others are new-to-me. Keep reading to check it out!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 63


Long time no blog! Between getting sick right after the holidays, and a busy couple of weeks back work, I'm desperately trying to get back into the swing of things over here (case in point: I only just put my Christmas decorations away on Friday. Oops!). I'm house/dog-sitting for my folks for the next week, so hopefully this will give me a chance to catch up on, well, everything!

I'm also super happy to announce that I'm now a regular contributor over at Julius + Valentina! Ariane and I spend so much time together as it is anyways, so we figured we might as well make it productive ;).

Off to run some errands, so check out these links below:

The ultimate test of packing flat vs. rolling your clothes. I'm quite surprised with the results!

This recipe sounds amazing! Makes me want to get a slow cooker.

I do quite a bit of solo travel for work, but I'm currently planning my first solo vacation for this spring. These are some great tips for travelling solo.

Another great recipe: Cast iron chocolate chip cookies for 2!

The ultimate Get Ready With Me video: Emily Weiss!

Did you see this story about the autistic barista at Starbucks in Toronto? Stories like this melt my heart.

Currently crushing on the pre-spring releases from Aritzia *insert heart-eyes emoji*

What are you up to this weekend?

p.s. any good book recommendations? I'm looking to start adding to this year's reading list :)

The Weekend Edit Vol. 62 (Looking back on 2015)


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've all had lovely holidays, filled with all of your favourite things. I've spent most my 2 weeks off at the cottage, sleeping in, making coffee, and reading my way through a couple of books while sitting in front of the fire. Not sure I'm quite ready to go back to work tomorrow.

As we rang in 2016, I did a bit of reflecting on my goals for the upcoming year, but also everything I accomplished for this space in the past year. This blog is by no means my full-time endeavour, but it's a great hobby that brings me much joy. In 2015, I focused more on quality posts rather than quantity, worked with my first brand, and met some amazing new bloggers through the blogging community.

Some of my OOTDs from 2015 (Top row: 1, 2, 3, Middle row: 1, 2, 3, Bottom row: 1, 2, 3)

2015 was also a great year for travel for me, which I hope will continue into this year, and all of my trips were definitely the highlight of the year for me. You can keep up with my travels over on Instagram, with the hashtags #KrisTravels and #LLLTravels.

Top row: San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago
Middle Row: Tampa, Orlando, Toronto
Bottom row: Toronto, Boston, Hawaii (Hawaii 2016 has been booked!!)

For 2016, I've got some crazy projects going on at work, that will take a small miracle to pull off but are great for my career, and I hope to work on my photography skills. I'm not really one for resolutions, but I guess those are two of my broad goals.

What have you been up to during the holidays? Read any good books for recommendation? What are your goals/resolutions for 2016?

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