The Weekend Edit Vol. 64


Happy weekend everyone! What has everyone been up to? Anyone watching the Oscars tonight? For the first time in several years, I've seen less than half of the nominees for Best Picture. What happened? I'm a movie buff: I love the classics, have my favourite directors (Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Rian Johnson and Wes Anderson (duh!)), and have usually seen the majority of nominated films, if not all. I guess I have some catching up to do on this snowy afternoon!

In other news, today is my birthday, and for the first time in, well, forever, I have absolutely no plans. And you know what? It feels great! I'm actually looking forward to coasting through the next couple of birthdays without any milestones. It seems like it's this great frenzy of having way too much to drink at 18, to becoming an "adult" at 21 (albeit a questionable one), to hitting that quarter century milestone at 25. Today, I'm 26 and I'm feeling...happy! I don't need a big celebration or to get dressed up to the nines (case in point, totally in sweatpants right now) to turn a year older. Let me bake my own cake and spend time with friends & family. Besides, it's a Sunday, and Sundays are for sleeping in, making fancy coffee, and staying in your pyjamas all day anyways ;). Am I right?

For those of you planning on having a lazy Sunday as well, I've rounded up some pretty awesome links this weekend. Check 'em out below!

This girl let her boyfriend dress her for the week. I like the results!

DVF's #YouBeYou campaign is amazing!

Spring is [hopefully] on the way, so what better time to do a closet clean out?

Grace has some great advice on unplugging.

A list of 30 fashion staples to have by the age 30. How many do you own? I've got 19 :)

Some great tips on organizing all of those beauty samples so that you actually use them.

I love a good capsule wardrobe, and the Everygirl has some great tips for creating your own.

Adele on Ellen was basically the best thing ever. How she kept her composure chomping on that wheatgrass...You go girl!

A piece on how we should buy less, but better. I've been trying to consciously think of this every time I make a purchase now.

Downton Abbey is over :(. In honour of the great Dowager Countess, here are her greatest zingers ;)

What are you up to this weekend? Will you be watching the Academy Awards tonight?



  1. Happy birthday my dear! I hope you are doing exactly what you want today and enjoying the beautiful weather! I'm still waiting for my Fashion Mag! Jeeze Canada Post… get with it! And yes… closet clean out is impending! lol

    xx Gabriella

  2. Love this round up Kris! I'm going to grab a coffee and get into some of this awesome links.

    And happiest of birthdays to you! No plans are always the best plans in my books xo

    La Petite Noob

    1. Thanks Joelle! I guess both grandmas agree on the no plans being the best plans :)

  3. Happy birthday lovely! Hope you have the most relaxing of days, it is totally deserved to have a quiet day :)

    Jasmin Charlotte


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