The Weekend Edit Vol. 65


Ah Sunday, both a magical day of rest and relaxation, but also a dark omen of the impending work week ahead. It's a funny feeling because you wake up feeling like you still have the entire weekend ahead of you, and then before you know it, 3pm hits and the minutes until Monday start dwindling away at an alarming rate.

The good thing? Spring definitely seems to be on its way early this year! It's been a gorgeous and sunny all weekend, and I took advantage of what is most likely the last of the ski season. Warm temps also mean that sugar shack season is kicking into full gear here in the Montreal area. If you're in Montreal, be sure to check out Chef a L'Erable at Scena. A modern sugar shack in the city, that I had the pleasure of checking out last Sunday for brunch (my thoughts coming to Julius & Valentina soon).

How have you been spending your weekend? Has the weather been equally as gorgeous in your area? In case you're stuck inside, I've rounded up a couple of links for you to check out this afternoon:

I am totally on the Alicia Vikander style train right now, and Man Repeller has run through her style for us so that we can emanate this scandinavian beauty's style too!

Also from Man Repeller, the benefits of drinking hot lemon water. I know I won't be able to give up my morning coffee, but I may try this out before I head off the work in the morning!

Im a big fan of all asian food (my bestie often says that I was probably asian in a former life), and I'm on a big bibimbap kick lately. I used this recipe and tried it myself, and it turned out great!

As a frequent carry-on only traveller, I hate to overpack. Use these tips to wash clothes in the sink so that you don't try to cram that extra top in there ;)

The top secrets of women who always look put together. Yes, yes, and yes!

Got this flowy, cropped blouse in white, and really want all of other colours now! Also, basically everything from Aritzia's spring offerings.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Great blog!

  2. Nice post! Fortunately the weather was nice here in California this past weekend so I could spend it at the beach :)


  3. 1. Speaking of Asian food, you should definitely come for a Chicago visit because I live RIGHT in the middle of Little Vietnam and omg so much good pho.
    2. But speaking of the weather, don't come for a Chicago visit any time soon because it's snowing and the weather sucks!

    Randi with an i

    1. Also YES to that piece about always looking put together! One of my coworkers had never even thought once about taking her cheap items to a tailor and was mind blown when I told her what a difference it makes!


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