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Living in 502 square feet of space is no easy feet, but I was definitely up to the challenge when I purchased my loft 3 years ago! My parents still like to say that I live in a shoebox, but my place is home to me. Earlier this week, I shared my home tour with you all, and today I'm sharing some of my favourite small space solutions that have helped make my place feel like home.

The Loft: My Home Tour


Today's post is probably well overdue, considering my loft is behind the name of my blog! I had decided I would start blogging when I purchased my loft just outside of downtown Montreal, as a way to document the process. I knew I wanted to DIY a lot of the interior, and I was really into "home blogs" at the time (understandable since that is the phase I was going through!). So I purchased my domain name, moved in, and then did absolutely nothing. I guess talking about rearranging furniture wasn't really inspiring me. Long story short: I didn't end up blogging about my loft at all (save for the occasional DIY post here and there), but after 3 years in this space, never has it felt more like home.

So after being featured as an Apartment Therapy House Call this past weekend, I wanted to share my space with all of you as well! I'm also nominated for one of this year's Small Cool spaces in the International category, so make sure you go give my space some love!

The Weekend Edit Vol. 67


Another Sunday, and just like that we're at the end of April...Where has the time gone?!? For once I'm not complaining about it being Sunday, and the end of the weekend/back to work tomorrow, because tonight marks the return of Game of Thrones! Anyone else stoked?

This week looks pretty uneventful so far, but I'm off on my first trip/business trip of the year next week, so I do have that to look forward to :).

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and here are a couple of links to check out:

Tracking down the saddest sounding places on Google come so many seem to be in Canada??

Alex from To Vogue Or Bust has some great tips on posing for outfit photos!

Loving this NYC studio apartment makeover. Small space makeovers are my favourite because you often have to be so creative.

While I'm not the biggest fan of her new hair, loved Taylor's 73 questions with Vogue.

The most googled makeup questions answered!

And in case you've missed any recent posts here on Love. Loft. Life.:
Glossier Phase 2 // This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 4 Ways // Morning Skincare // Evening Skincare


[Updated] Evening Skincare Routine


Since I shared my updated morning skincare routine earlier this week, I figured I'd also share my updated evening routine as well! There are two new stars in this line up, so keep reading below!

[Updated] Morning Skincare Routine


Around this time last year, I shared both my skin story and my morning and evening skincare routines with you. While the majority of my routine has stayed the same, I've added in some pretty fab products over the last year that I definitely wanted to share with you! So keep reading for my updated morning skincare routine.

The Weekend Edit Vol. 66


Happy weekend! It's been a while since I've sat down to write a Weekend Edit post over the last couple of very busy weeks, but happy to be back at it! Between a couple of intense weeks at work, a whirlwind of impromptu interviews for some new hires, and my dad having major surgery last week (he's coming home today! Yay!), I was more than happy to have absolutely no plans for this weekend.

I don't know about where you live, but it's finally starting to feel like Spring outside here in Montreal! I'm ready to pack away my heavy winter coats, and walked to dinner last night (at my fave, Satay Brothers with my mum!) in just a lightweight bomber.  I'm very much looking forward to ditching the boots entirely. Not to mention bringing out the Spring wardrobe!

Thinking of taking a walk down to the market to pick up some fresh flowers, but if you're stuck inside today, here are some fun links to check out:

I'm very intrigued by the Goop skincare line, especially after Grace's review of the line.

The 7 most beautiful streets in America. I've only been to 1 (Painted Ladies in SF), so I have many more to go!

The best shoes for work in 2016. I'm still all about the lace up flats and loafers!

Have you seen these 98 foods cut into perfect cubes? Beautiful!

Why Friends is still the most popular show on TV. Totally agree, and it's still my go-to when I don't know what to watch, or just want some background TV. Never gets old.

And on that note, truths that Friends taught you about life in your 20s. Yes, yes, and yes!

A great read from Man Repeller on personal style.

What to wear for a 24 hour business trip. Love these tips! And I've had my eyes on that jumpsuit for a while now, but just can't justify the cost...waiting for it to go on sale!

What have you been up to this weekend? Any travel plans in the near future? I'm headed to Newfoundland in a month and a half, so if you have any tips for me, let me know!


En Route Essentials - This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit


I'm a big fan of "compartmentalizing" everything when I travel: A pouch for this, a packing cube for that, etc. So I was super excited to see the Tech Dopp Kit Mini when it was launched by This Is Ground, because I saw it as a versatile little bag that would extend beyond just tech. Keep reading to see how I've used it four different ways!

Make Good Choices: Glossier Phase 2


If you follow me on Instagram, it is no surprise that I have a deep love for the Glossier brand. The products are simple yet effective, their marketing is on point, and their mantra is the best: Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile Always. While I was really hoping that their top secret March launch was going to be International shipping (alas, it was not), I was even more excited when I found out it was the release of Phase 2...Makeup! And in true Glossier style, it's understated, simple, and perfect!
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