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I'm a big fan of "compartmentalizing" everything when I travel: A pouch for this, a packing cube for that, etc. So I was super excited to see the Tech Dopp Kit Mini when it was launched by This Is Ground, because I saw it as a versatile little bag that would extend beyond just tech. Keep reading to see how I've used it four different ways!

The Classic Tech Kit: Using the Tech Dopp Kit in the way it was intended, the loops on the lid are the perfect size for cords, and the main compartment is the perfect size for the rest of my gear. For a typical trip, I'll have a couple of various charging cords, wall outlet, and my laptop charger. And there's still plenty of room for more!

Photography Kit: I like to travel with a fairly compact camera bag, so I typically have extra bits and bobs floating around. I was able to wrangle in my charging cord, Lens Pen, micro fibre cloth on the lid. I stashed my Polaroid Snap, and Photojojo Iris Lenses in the main compartment.

Toiletries Kit: I've also used this as a classic toiletries kit, and it's pretty freakin' awesome at that! The lid holds tubes and my Nudestix pencils perfectly, while my mini Aesop bottles all fit perfectly beneath. Add in a few beauty samples to try out while I'm away, and I'm all set!

Front Seat Pocket Kit: The final way I've used this little guy is to house all of my in-flight essentials. A portable charger, my watch already set to the time zone I'm landing in, simple makeup to freshen up before touchdown (I love Nudestix for this!), hand cream, lip balm, and perfume.

This Is Ground makes incredibly well crafter products, and I'm happy with every purchase I've made so far. They make my travel so easy! I still carry my Mod Mobile on every trip to keep me organized as I wiz through the airport (read more about it here). If you want 10$ off your order, use this link.


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