Make Good Choices: Glossier Phase 2


If you follow me on Instagram, it is no surprise that I have a deep love for the Glossier brand. The products are simple yet effective, their marketing is on point, and their mantra is the best: Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile Always. While I was really hoping that their top secret March launch was going to be International shipping (alas, it was not), I was even more excited when I found out it was the release of Phase 2...Makeup! And in true Glossier style, it's understated, simple, and perfect!

The Phase 2 launch consists of three products: Boy Brow (which was previously launched last fall, and had a 10,000 person wait list leading up to this launch), Stretch Concealer, and Generation G lipstick.

Boy Brow is absolutely amazing. If you know me well, and have seen me without my brows on, you'll know that they are barely there. They are full in shape, but extremely sparse (unfortunately naturally, and not from overplucking), and I'm extremely impressed with the punch that Boy Brow packs. For a brow pomade, the color payoff is fantastic!

Stretch Concealer is the one product I'm not over the moon for, as it's not quite enough coverage for my liking. But the fact that it's buildable and has an amazing, creamy consistency make up for that.

Finally, I picked up Generation G in Crush, a vibrant pink shade. This is really a no fuss, no mirror, matte balm. How a balm can be matte is beyond me, but hey, Glossier pulled it off! I can't wait to get some more colors in my next order, and Jam looks particularly divine.

Glossier has hit the ball out of the park again with this launch, and I'm glad to have added these products to my collection (check out my previous love for Glossier here, here, and here). Special thanks to Ariane for bringing my order back from LA with her.

What I love most about the brand is how everything is cohesive and designed to all work together. As they say, skincare is essential, makeup is a choice. Make good choices!


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