New in at Glossier - Flavored Balm Dotcom & Haloscope


If I could work in any other field of work, I've got it entirely narrowed down to working in Glossier HQ. I know, very precise. Doing anything really, but their marketing campaigns are really what gets me every time. For their two most recent releases, they were on opposite ends of the spectrum from the highly curated and hype-building Flavored Balm Dotcoms, to the no-warning drop of Haloscope. Marketing on point! I've had the Balm Dotcoms for a while now, and have been playing around with Haloscope for the last 2 weeks or so. My thoughts below!

Glossier's original Balm Dotcom is a staple in my purse, bathroom, and office. It's the perfect no fuss, stay-put balm for lips, and also cuticles and extremely dry patches. I missed out on Coconut last summer, but picked it up this round, along with Rose, Cherry and Mint as a trio. And I love them all!

My favourite amongst the four is definitely Rose. It's got an ever so subtle tint, and the smell is divine! Coconut comes in at a close 2nd, with both Cherry and Mint having great formulas (but I just like Rose and Coconut the most).

Haloscope is the product taking full advantage of the current dewy, glowy, strobing trend. And it's a fab product at that! It's not glittery, but rather shimmery in a subtle way. And thanks to the oil core, there's no dryness, yet it doesn't melt off my face mid-day either.

In other news, both Stretch Concealer and Generation G are back in stock!!! Check out my full review on the Phase 2 set here (and more Glossier reviews here). I'm definitely going to be picking up more shades of Generation G stat!

And if you want 20% off your first order, use this link here.



  1. Dying to get my hands on these products, unfortunately they don't deliver to Canada.

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

    1. I know! My only gripe with the brand :(

  2. So sad Glossier doesn't deliver to Canada, these products look amazing!

  3. I am seriously dying to try out Glossier. I envy you so much for this post! The coconut and rose balms are calling my name. And definitely the highlighter!

    xx Gabriella

  4. I recently read a piece about how ridiculously genius the marketing of Glossier is, and that got me intrigued! I've been going foundation-less lately, but once that kick stops (as I'm sure it will), the stretch concealer reeeallly has me interested!

    1. Their marketing is ON POINT! If I didn't work in science/health care and love my job, I'd definitely apply for a job at Glossier...doing literally anything ;P


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