The Weekend Edit Vol. 70


Well what a miserable weekend it's been! Yesterday was an absolute deluge, and it isn't much brighter today. Rainy weekends definitely call for staying indoors, binge watching TV shows on Netflix (now that Game of Thrones has departed us for what will feel like forever, I'm back on House of Cards!), and catching up on my to-do list. Oh and staying in pyjamas for as long as possible ;). What are your favourite things to do on a rainy weekend?

I'm also happy to finally share a little side project of mine: The @WillTravelForPhotography instagram account! I wanted to create an account dedicated to travel photography, for myself and fellow travellers to share their photos, stories, and recommendations. Check it out & give it a follow!

And speaking of travel, my fall is shaping up to be quite hectic! It's funny how there seems to be nothing for stretches, and then bam! All my work meetings appear at once. Bookended between a family cruise out of Miami and our annual trip to Hawaii will be meetings in Miami, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco! Finally going to get some use out of my Nexus card!

Here are some links to check out on this rainy Sunday:

A history of red lipstick.

Things to bring to make any airplane seat feel like first class!

Books being made into movies this year. Really excited for Girl On The Train and The Light Between Oceans. I've also added some new books to my ever growing list I want to read.

A great article on this season of Game of Thrones. The withdrawal is a struggle.

Some great workouts you can do at him in a small space.


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  1. I'm so excited to hear about all your upcoming travels! Plus, thanks for that link to traveling like you're first class. I'm going on my first transatlantic flight in quite some time later this year (eek!) and am definitely going to need it!

    Randi with an i


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